Manchester City v Everton. Maxim Kalinichenko’s forecast

The teams recently met in the Football League Cup with a return match. I don’t even know what to assume. City have already beaten Everton this season, but Manuel Pellegrini’s side were looking very good back then.

Just a week ago, Everton beat Bourgeois. What to expect from the game in Manchester? Probably, the owners will still win. City always scores at home, and Everton have a hole in their defense. But at the same time, “Toffee” look good in attack. Romelu Lukaku scores almost everyone and always. It seems to me that Everton can score their own goal in this match.

But Manchester still wants to win the championship, it is not desirable to lose points. And just then Sergio Aguero began to gain shape Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation.. He scored in a Cup game for Norwich. They expect goals from the Argentinean in the championship. I would venture to bet on City to win with Aguero’s goal. This is the most interesting bet on the upcoming match, as for me.